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CHAIRMAN                                                PAUL FUDGE

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Paul was Born and Educated in Taunton and was the youngest Son of Local Newsagent and Wholesaler to the Greeting Card and Stationers Businesses, Maurice and Marlene. Since leaving School in 1984, Paul has been a Funeral Director. Owning his own Funeral Homes in Somerset. After several years of trading, Paul moved to Alberta, Canada in the mid 00's, still working as a Funeral Director. On his return to the UK, Paul has settled in Honiton, working for Shoobridge Funeral Services, Silver Street, Honiton. Being involved in and part of The Community, is very much part of Paul's core values. 

FACEBOOK &  EVENTS                                             KARISSA MARKER

Karissa works part time for her family business, Combe Estate in Gittisham.  She is also a trustee and committee member for the Honiton Youth Club.  When she is not working she is busy looking after her two daughters, dogs, pigs, chickens and cows.

      HONORARY PRESIDENT                                            ANTHONY McCOLLUM

Anthony started his career with Express Dairies and retired after 25 years having travelled the length and breadth of the country working his way up to Factory Manager. Retiring to the West-Country he then worked as a self employed engineer in the dairy industry for a further 10 years, follwing which he took up the role of Honiton Town's Market Manager. That was 7 years ago and since then he has worked hard at promoting and supporting Honiton Town in many voluntary roles as well as the Chamber. He is a member of the Chapter Eight Team, a safety unit used when ever the roads are closed for events such as The Hot Pennies, or Carnival parades.     

        VICE CHAIRMAN                                                                           JOSEPH    

   WEB MASTER & MEDIA                                                         FURNEAUX-GOTCH

Joseph is a retired police officer who spent most of his career in intelligence. As a member of the National Criminal Intelligence Service he was trained to become an expert in counterfeit investigations. Later as an inaugural member of the UK National Hi-Tech Crime Unit part of the National Crime Squad he was trained in the US and the UK to become an expert in the field of computer forensics and travelled the world investigating serious organised crime groups and their use of technology to facilitate those crimes.

The same skills help him in maintaining the site for The Honiton and District Chamber of Commerce.

An email address for site content, comments, updates and promotions has been created:- 

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